Generative Art

I enjoy playing around with generative art using an existing image or video as a canvas along with opencv to access the RGB values at each pixel, coding c/c++ to generate frames using various of my own algorithmic techniques along with custom RGB↔HSV conversion algorithms (none of these work correctly for high quality digital animations), then combine the generated frames using ffmpeg, so basically like this with a sprinkle of this. See also algorithmic art, computer art, digital art, electronic art and artificial intelligence art.

Below are some examples of art with the colours digitally animated, many of them in my opinion are both visually stunning and mesmerising borderline hypnotic:

With the exception of the indigenous artwork and looping videos, almost all of the base artwork has been generated by Midjourney then posted on Twitter by various people putting out some fantastic pieces (see alt text of examples for sources), which takes a surprising amount of creativity and skill if you have not gotten your hands dirty with text to image models yet. There has been insane progress with machine learning and/or artificial intelligence models in the last few years including text to image, the highest quality of which I have found seem to be coming from Midjourney, though various groups are regularly improving the models they are releasing. For example Stable Diffusion, Dall-E, Pirate Diffusion, etc., it's also worth checking out websites like Lexica (similar to Google image search, but for a database of AI generated images).